Getting started carefree

In addition to years of experience with various software, configurations, models, etc. we have specific extensive knowledge and experience with certain frameworks. We have years of experience in setting up and managing DirectAdmin. To have a stable and fast server for years, we install and manage one according to our methods. This setup is part of the total package within which we arrange several things to keep availability and your data as safe as possible.
In addition, you can benefit from our knowledge and experience. We can offer advice and implementation for additional software such as Installatron, Redis, OPcache, etc.

Things we deliver within DirectAdmin Management

  • Minor updates Operating system & Control Panel
  • DirectAdmin license
  • Performance monitoring & history
  • Backup user data
  • 1-hour support for ao. trouble-shooting
  • Calamities support

Why DirectAdmin Management? Five reasons

Ease of use

DirectAdmin is the easiest to use control panel.


DirectAdmin is programmed to be the fastest running control panel available.


DirectAdmin avoids downtime by automatically recovering from crashes.


We offer high-quality support, getting you the answers you need.


For €45,- p/m we offer security and you do not have to worry about anything.