In short

Zylon builds and maintains hosting infrastructure from data centers such as servers, clusters, cloud and networks. In addition, we provide services such as domain registration, anti-spam and web hosting. For this we work with logical models and preferably with open frameworks, such as DirectAdmin, FreeNAS, Proxmox and more. For server and system administration we also use (ready-made) solutions from third parties. But first and foremost always keep IT simple and effective!

What we do and what we do not

100% Dutch

We maintain our services from our office in Groningen. All our own equipment is located in 2 data centers: Databarn Amsterdam and Data hotel Groningen. We manage our own network infrastucture (AS8312).

No competition

We are network and systems engineers. We do not provide competitive VoIP services, office automation, do not build websites and applications, etc. Your service and company are safe with us.

Own research and development

We build many test environments in different combinations. We don't just do this because it's fun, but it's the best way to find what does and does not work.


We limit ourselves to our field of experience. As a result, we are specialists what we do and we can look with an open mind and focus together with our clients for the best results. Our suppliers and customers are our friends. Together with our suppliers and customers we move forward and deliver total solutions.


We combine knowledge with experience. This allows us to make the right choices and create optimal (costs, availability, performance, etc.) solutions.